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Having a baby is one of life´s most remarkable and wonderful experiences for families. Drs. Green, Grossman
and Bartolanzo are dedicated to helping you raise a healthy and happy child! We look forward to providing you and
your children excellent medical care for many years to come.
Getting Acquainted!

Please feel free to call our office to set up a complimentary "pre-natal" appointment. This "get acquainted"
visit gives expectant parents the opportunity to meet us, tour the office and ask questions.
Upon Arrival at the Hospital

Our pediatricians are on staff at St. Mary Medical Center. If your baby is born at one of
these hospitals, simply tell your obstetrician and the hospital staff that you have chosen Drs. Green, Grossman, and Bartolanzo
as your child's pediatricians. Our office will be notified of your baby's birth by the hospital staff and one of our physician's will
see you and your baby each day in the hospital. Upon discharge, our physician will let you know when you should schedule
your baby's first visit to our office.

Babies born at other area hospitals are welcome to come to our office after birth. We would be happy to recommend a pediatrician
to care for your baby while at another hospital. Please call us after your delivery to schedule your first well-baby visit.
What to Feed You Baby!

We strongly advocate breastfeeding, which we believe, provides many health benefits for your baby. However,
for those mothers who choose not to breastfeed, we will suggest the best formula for your newborn.

Helpful Links:
BreastfeedingLa Leche League InternationalFamily Breastfeeding Association • St. Mary Medical Center Lactation Help Line - 215-710-5988
Bringing Home Baby - Infants Car Safety Seat Information

Helpful Links:
Infant Passenger Safety: Guidance for
Child Passenger Safety (CPS)Car Seat Recommendations for Children
Newborn Baby Checklist

With all of the commotion surrounding the arrival of your new baby, it is wise to have all of the needed supplies for the first few
weeks of your baby's life ready to go! Because everyone's needs and wants are different, this list is as general as
possible and is only a guide.

Newborn Baby Checklist


The information on our website is for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace the advice
of your child´s pediatrician. All medical advice and information on this website should be considered to be incomplete without
a consultation with one of our physicians.

Last updated on October 2, 2015